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Why is Berlin better than Munich? 11. 36 lower population density 3900 peoplekm vs 4400 peoplekm; Has lakes; 383. 71 cheaper cost of onebedroom apartment in the city center 768. 5 vs 1152. 21 0. 09 lower cost of one single transportation ticket 2. 93 vs 3. 02 0. 08 lower average price of a litre of milk 0. 78 vs 0. 86 Is a capital cityBerlin or Munich: which to visit in 3 days? Hamburg, Cologne, Stuttgart, You've chosen exactly the 2 cities where 3 days are not ideal. For Berlin ( Potsdam) 3 days is really on the short side. And while 3 days are sufficient for Munich itself Munich offers great day trip destinations into all directions, like to the Bavarian Alps. For berlin vs munich

Berlin versus Munich An Insider's Comparison by Travis Shirk Mar 31, 2012 It is quite difficult to find two more dramatically contrasting cities within the same country than Berlin and Munich.

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Sep 06, 2012 What about Berlin vs Munich, if just one had to be picked? Munich loses, definitely Berlin (with Potsdam). I like going to both places, Munich and Berlin, find them both interesting, attractive, great places to walk, but given an either or choice, Berlin without a doubt.

I think you shouldnt really stereotype the people in Munich vs. Berlin as everyone has it own fashion style. However, Ive observed Berlin as a more casual, hip, sporty and street oriented capital. In Munich, I felt like I need to dress classy and smart before I head out the door; Hence, there are more popular fashion bloggers in Munich.

Sep 10, 2014 Berlin has more history than any one city is entitled to, so if you and your dad love history, you'd better spend some time in Berlin. I don't think it can be a choice between Berlin and Munich but by all means spend time in Munich too. Someone else will chime in about castles! Perhaps a journey down the Rhine is in order.

Dec 18, 2018  Berlin VS Munich: Best Time To Visit. Image Source. The winter season in Berlin is harsh and the streets and markets arent as lively as they are during the month of March, which could also be the best time to visit this city. But one thing that marks the winter season of Berlin is the amazing discounts and low prices of the flights

Oct 10, 2012 Berlin also offers Potsdam. Munich has the Isar, which runs through town and is underground for some of its path. Berlin is built on a network of waterways and lakes. Both cities have great public transportation. Berlin is historically Protestant; Munich Catholic. Munich is about an hour from Salzburg and Nuernberg.

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Berlin and Munich are two of Germanys most visited cities, yet they represent completely different sides of the country. Munich represents Germanys traditional side, from aesthetics to cuisine to culture. It is the Germany known to the world before its history was marked by the harrowing events of WWII and then divided by the Berlin Wall.

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