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Because the proper role for a white, middle class woman in 1930s American society was that of wife and mother, Hine, Darlene Clark, ed. Black Women in America: An Historical Encyclopedia (2 vols. 1993). Hobbs, Catherine, ed. NineteenthCentury Women Learn to Write (1995).Women in the 1930s were much better off than women today. There were many rich women such as the Queen of England and Unsinkable Molly Brown who owned England and Texas (respectively). Though women could vote in the 1930s, there were still manybarriers to women having full civil rights in America. women in america 1930s

What did women wear in the 1930s? The fashion of the thirties is usually overshadowed by the great depression, but the 1930s were full of glamour and style. Here you will learn about all the 1930s clothing and accessories women wore for day and evening events.

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Oct 16, 2010  The 1930s was the Depression era, and for women as well as men life was a struggle. in 'America's Women' Gail Collins writes: 'the average family income dropped 40 percent between 1929 and 1933, and while men took second jobs or searched for betterpaying employment in an oversaturated market, most of their wives stayed home and struggled with what Eleanor Roosevelt called endless

Employment of Women in the 1930s. Due to the 1929 stock market crash, and many other attributing factors, the United States entered into the Great Depression within the year 1929. As a result, the unemployment rate of men increased to 25. Not only were men left to fend for themselves, but also the family members which they were responsible for.

A: The role of women in the 1930s was primarily to become the glue that holds the family together through economic strife, according to the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History. Though men were still primarily the bread winners, women were tasked with feeding and caring for the family on increasingly tiny budgets.

Quick Answer. In the 1930s, despite the fact that women were a big part of the society, they were not treated equally in the workplace compared to their male counterparts. Instead of working, most of society believed that a woman's place was in the home. It was during this era that women were put into the gender role of cooking,

Black women called for white Southern women to oppose lynching; in response, Jessie Daniel Ames and others founded the Association for the Prevention of Lynching ( ), with Ames as director.

Summary of Women in the 1920s Summary: The role of women in society had taken a massive leap forward In 1920 when all women were given the right to vote. The roles of American Women in the 1920s varied considerably between the 'New Woman the Traditionalists and the older generation.

In the 1930's, the roles of men and women varied greatly. From the workplace to the home, the expectancies were different. From the workplace to the home, the expectancies were different. Their behaviors were night and day.

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