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One of the two largest climate zones in Latin America is tropicalwet. Another climate zone in Latin America is tropical dry.Latin America Climate. In drier areas, climate change is expected to lead to salinisation and desertification of agricultural land. Productivity of some important crops are projected to decrease and livestock productivity to decline, with adverse consequences for food security. In temperate zones soybean yields are projected to increase. Sealevel latin america climate

Most of Latin America is located in the tropics. Land located between the Tropic of Cancer (23. 5o N) and the Tropic of Capricorn (23. 5o S) In the tropics there is not much seasonal variation in temperature; seasonal differences are manifested in rainfall variations. Rowntree, Lewis, and Price.

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Climate The climate of Latin America ranges from extremely wet conditions to extremely dry conditions and from very hot temperatures to very cold temperatures. Tropical rainforests dominate the Amazon River basin in South America.

Chapter 1, Section 2. The climate in Latin America varies greatly. The climate in the Caribbean is usually sunny and warm. But, the region is often hit with hurricanes from June to November. Many parts of Latin America have a tropical wet climate. Other parts of Latin America

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Apr 01, 2011 Geography and Climate. Some of the many wild animals unique to Latin America include Capybaras, Tapir, Caimans, Jaguars, Macaw parrots, several species of monkeys including Capuccin and Howler monkeys, and Toucans. Many endangered species live in the Amazon region, including River Dolphins, Manatee and Armadillos.

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