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The third Steel, grandson of the first, is presently an individual from the Justice Society of America. Now, if Commander Steel was motivated by Captain Americas story, Guardian acquired Caps visual DNA. Jack Kirby and Joe Simon (who were Caps creators) were hired by DC for another character.Who would win, Beast (Marvel) vs Captain America (Marvel)? Who would win in battle Magneto or Captain Marvel? Who would win, Captain America (Marvel) vs Commander Steel (DC)? commander steel vs captain america

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Captain America vs. Commander Steel Triumphant I vote Commander Steel. Why Commander Steel? I say Captain America when it comes down to it. Captain America wins. Commander steel

Commander Steel, also known as Henry Hank Heywood, Sr. , is a character from DC Comics. Fanon Wiki Ideas So Far Captain America vs Commander Steel (Completed) Commander Steel, also known as Henry Hank Heywood, Sr. , is a character from DC Comics.

Commander Steel died along with other heroes fighting Eclipso on the dark side of the Moon. He was a member of Amanda Waller 's Shadow Fighters. The legacy of Steel continued in two grandsons.

Commander Steel (also Captain Steel) is the name of three comic book superheroes appearing in publications by the American publisher DC Comics, all members of the same family. The first Steel appeared in Steel, The Indestructible Man# 1 (1978), and was created by Gerry Conway and Don Heck.

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Oct 04, 2016  The original (Commander) Steel was pretty much inspired for being an analog for Captain America, but also is more close to the original Shield in origin. And it's not as in DC have a shortageof Captain America wannabes: Outsideof the Steel,

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Master tactician, strategist, and field commander; Wields Vibraniumsteel alloy shield; Captain America In the Avengers vs. XMen story arc, Captain America attempts to apprehend Hope Summers of the XMen. She is the targeted vessel for the Phoenix Force, a destructive cosmic entity. Captain America believes that this Phoenix

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