Biggest buck ever killed in america

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Giant buck likely largest ever killed by a hunter Submitted by admin on Sat, 07: 40 Luke Brewsters deer makes the legendary turdy point buck of song fame look like a spike buck.Jan 18, 2017  That made it the highestscoring buck ever shot by a hunter. The previous record, 307, was set in Iowa in 2003 by 15yearold Tony Lovstuen, also with a muzzleloader. The biggest rack ever measured was 333 on a deer in Missouri, but that was a pickup, or biggest buck ever killed in america

Biggest Nontypical Whitetail Ever Killed By A Hunter. Tennessee native Stephen Tucker set a new record in 2016 with a 47point trophy whitetail. The 27yearold farmer and avid deer hunter from Gallatin, Tennessee, shot the deer with a muzzleloader in November. The buck was measured on the Boone& Crockett scale as 312 3 8 inches. Learn more here.

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The largest nontypical whitetail deer ever killed in The United States. Stephen Tucker, Tucker Buck, and Michael Beatty. The Tucker Buck was taken in Tennessee in 2016 and Michael Beatty killed his mege whitetail in Ohio n 2000. See these monsters here.

Quick Answer. The biggest deer to ever be killed is a whitetail buck that measured approximately 307 inches on the Boone and Crocket system, and was dubbed Iowa's walking world record in the February 2002 issue of North American Whitetail magazine. This buck was killed by a 15yearold named Tony Lovstuen on the afternoon of September 29, 2003,

A hunter in Illinois may have shot the largest buck ever in the United States, CBS ChicagoCBS Local reports. Keith Szableswki from Johnston City shot the buck during the first days of shotgun

Illinois hunter in running for largest buck killed in US. Brian Richard 2018 A hunter in Illinois could be in the running for the largest bucks ever shot in the United States.

An Illinois hunters 51point kill may be one of the largest bucks ever shot in America, the state Department of Natural Resources announced this week.

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With a range encompassing most of Canada, Mexico, and the Continental United States, whitetail deer are one of the most widespread and commonly hunted species of big game in North America. While monster bucks occasionally turn up in states without reputations for producing gigantic deer, the biggest typical whitetail deer in the major record books were hunted in places known for big bucks: Illinois and Canada.

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