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A Brief Look at the History of Third Parties in America. In 1832, the AntiMasonic Party won 8 of the vote. In 1848 the Free Soil Party, led by former President Martin Van Buren, won 10 of the vote. In 1856, the year the Republican Party was bornas a newHow can the answer be improved? third party politics in america

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Mar 04, 2016  To Grow ThirdParty Politics in America, Make John McAfee the Libertarian Party Nominee (Update) The good news for America is that the Libertarian Party will probably be on all 50 state ballots, meaning its possible that the Libertarian Party presidential candidate could significantly alter the outcome of the elections.

Third Parties. Third parties face many obstacles in the United States. In all states, the Democratic and Republican candidates automatically get on the ballot, whereas thirdparty candidates usually have to get thousands of signatures on petitions just to be listed on the ballot.

Libertarian Party. Founded in 1971, the Libertarian party is the third largest political party in America. Over the years, Libertarian Party candidates have been elected to many state and local offices. Libertarians believe the federal government should play a minimal role in the daytoday affairs of

Jan 11, 2013 More Americans now identify as political independents than as either Democrats or Republicans. Tired of the twoparty gridlock, the pandering, and the lack of vision, they've turned in increasing numbers to independent and thirdparty candidates.

Third Parties in the U. S. Political Process. The American Taxpayers Party, which changed its name to the Constitution Party in 2000, advocates a strict interpretation of the Constitution and more power for states and localities. Its most popular candidate Howard Phillips ran for office in 1992 but received less than 1 percent of the vote.

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