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America has no functioning democracy Jimmy Carter on NSA. Its not the first time Carter has criticized US intelligence policies. CNN, he said the NSA leaks signified that the invasion of human rights and American privacy has gone too far. He added that although Snowden violated US law, he may have ultimately done good for the country.Aug 03, 2015  Jimmy Carter Is Correct That the U. S. Is No Longer a Democracy. He is saying, in effect, that, no matter how much the U. S. was a dictatorship by the rich during (the GilensPage study era), its far worse now. Apparently, Carter is correct: The New York Times front page on Sunday 2 August 2015 bannered, jimmy carter america not a functioning democracy

President Carter Says America Has No Functioning Democracy. Although Carters quote has been tweeted by Glenn Greenwald, and by Wikileaks and others, as of July 18 th, in doing a Google News search, it appears Carters statement about Americas nonfunctioning democracy has not been a headline for major news outlets in the US,

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Letters at 3AM: The Curious Case of the Missing Quotation Jimmy Carter says the U. S. has no functioning democracy at present, and the press goes silent By Michael Ventura, Fri. , Sept. 6, 2013

Jimmy Carter: America Is Not A Democracy Anymore (AUDIO) And the same thing applies to governors and U. S. senators and congress members. Carters comments are similar to the findings of a Princeton study released last year that the United States has morphed into an oligarchy from a democracy.

Former president Jimmy Carter condemned the effect U. S. intelligence programs had on U. S. moral authority in the wake of NSA revelations brought to light by leaker Edward Snowden, Der Spiegel reports. America has no functioning democracy, Carter said at a meeting of The Atlantic Bridge in Atlanta, Georgia on Tuesday.

Jul 18, 2013  Alberto Riva. America does not at the moment have a functioning democracy, he said at an event in Atlanta on Tuesday sponsored by the Atlantik

The United States is not a Democracy. It is a Constitutional Republic and it is essential that the American people understand this reality. If we continue to allow the untruth that the United States of America is a Democracy to flourish we invite the demise of our government and our nation; we invite the cessation of the American Experiment and

Jimmy Carter Tells Oprah America Is No Longer a Democracy, Now an Oligarchy. There's no way now for you to get the Democratic or Republican nomination without being able to raise two or three hundred million dollars, or more, Carter said. I would

America does not have a functioning democracy at this point in time, former President Jimmy Carter (shown) said this week, according to a report in the German newspaper Der Spiegel. Carter was

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However, despite the eminent credibility of Jimmy Carters having proclaimed in 2013 America has no functioning democracy at this moment, this quotation originated with a single news

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