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Key facts about youth voting Substantially fewer young (and older) adults vote in nonpresidential election years than in presidential election years. Thirty From 1996 onward, eligible voters were asked, In any election, some people are not able to vote because they are sick or busy or have some other reason, and others do not want toIn the next election in 1978, youth were underrepresented by 50 percent. Seven out of ten young peopledid not vote in the 1996 presidential election 20 percent below the general turnout . In 1998, out of the 13 percent of eligible youth voters in America, only five percent voted. young people voting in america

Nov 12, 2015  The Center for American Progress found that in the 2012 election our generation had 64 million eligible voters, yet only 26 percent of us actually voted. That means a large number of us, 74 percent, didnt vote.

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Young people are a major subset of the electorate and their voices matter: 46 million young people, ages 1829, are eligible to vote, while 39 million seniors are eligible to vote; Young people (ages 1829) make up 21 of the voting eligible population in the U. S. Young peoples

Young Americans Early voting surges among young people. That is good news for the Democrats. Both President Donald Trump and Mr Obama have crisscrossed America in recent days imploring

Yet older Americans are more likely to vote. While young people make up a large portion the votingeligible population, theyre much less likely than those who are older to get out and vote. In 2016, only 19 of people aged 1829 cast their ballot in the presidential election; at 49, 4564yearolds accounted for the largest electorate last year.

They suggest that genetics could help to explain why parental turnout is such a strong predictor of voting in young people, and also why voting appears to be habitual. Western Europe averages a 77 turnout, and South and Central America around 54 pledging to vote increased voter turnout by 3. 7 points among all subjects and 5. 6 points

Young people say they plan on voting in November but they usually dont Students wait in long lines to register to vote in April 2016 in Eau Claire, Wis. (Dan ReilandEau Claire Leader

The state of the youth vote in America. population and holding the power to become the most influential voting bloc in the country, young people are frustrated with the political process and

4 reasons why many people dont vote. Scientists have insight into why millions of people who are eligible to vote, wont. Bethany Brookshire. Nov 7, 2016 7: 45 am EST. American Journal of Political Science. September 9, 2013. doi: 10. 1111ajps. . Report: E. Klor and E. Winter.

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Many young people dont vote because they never learned how. Heres a free class now in schools trying to change that. If there is one thing we believe in America, we believe in government

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