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Sep 23, 2015  New York City had one of the worlds largest Germanspeaking populations, trailing only Berlin and Vienna, with about a quarter of its 3. 4 million people conversing auf Deutsch. Entire communities, spreading from northern Wisconsin to rural Texas, consisted almost exclusively of German immigrants and their children.And then there's China towns and all kinds of primarily Asianlanguage speaking towns scattered around larger cities, and Frenchspeaking communities on the border with Quebec. Why are there no Germanspeaking towns? Depending on the statistics one cites, there are just as many native German speakers as native French speakers in the US. german speaking cities in america

Home Trip Ideas Road Trips Road Tripping to GermanAmerican Towns Book Hotels. Road Tripping to GermanAmerican Towns. Discover Germanic influence in a series of cities across America. as a variety store selling many Germanmade products such as kitchen utensils, knickknacks, wedding cake figurines and Germanlanguage

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The Most German Town in America. The city of New Ulm calls itself the most German town in America. New Ulm was founded by two groups of German immigrants in the mid1850s, both looking to create a Utopian German community. Today, 66 of its residents claim German ancestry.

Hutterite. Hutterite communities in the United States and Canada speak Hutterite German, an AustroBavarian dialect. [citation needed Hutterite is spoken in the U. S. states of Washington, Montana, North and South Dakota, and Minnesota; and in the Canadian provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and

Until the beginning of the twentieth century there was a consistent movement of Germanspeakers into America. At about 1900, that had pretty much dried up, and then two small conflicts with one of the German speaking nations made the German language and culture disliked.

US News& World Report ranks Germany first among the best countries overall. And as Mercer Consultings 2011 Quality of Living Survey determined, many of the worlds most livable cities are Germanspeaking: among the top 10, Vienna is 1st, Zurich 2nd,

That includes Holmes County, Ohio, where 45. 5 (! ) percent of residents speak German at home, as well as a single county (Yates) in New York and Missouri (Scotland) where German remains actively spoken by a chunk of residents. The full map is below. Fascinating stuff. The story must be told. Your subscription supports journalism that matters.

The locals live in wooden cabins and some speak German. Theres even a huge cuckoo clock that greets you as you enter the village. Find exclusive UK hotel and restaurant offers from Telegraph Travel

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Top 20 largest German speaking cities in the world. It is an official language in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein and is the second official in Luxembourg. It is spoken also in parts of Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and Italy (South Tyrol).

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