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2019-09-18 12:26

For parents receiving child support, we can help you to manage your child support information, review your payment history, set up or change your direct deposit, and provide other helpful services. You can see and do some of these things by logging into the Case Manager, an interactive online tool for managing your child support case.Child savings accounts help prepare children for their bright future. Learn more about savings accounts for kids. Help a child build a savings account and learn about banking. The 0 Liability Guarantee covers fraudulent transactions made by others using your Bank of America consumer debit cards. To be covered, report transactions made bank of america child support card massachusetts

Yes, you can get a statement from Bank of America or by contacting the New York Child Support Debit Card Customer Service Center at (TTY line for the hearing impaired or collect outside of the United States).

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Please tell us where you bank so we can give you information for your location.

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The debit card doesnt indicate that its for child support payments. The card has the word Massachusetts across the front with the Bank of America and MasterCard logos, making it look like a regular debit card. DOR isnt the only state agency that uses the Massachusetts Debit Card.

Questions regarding the disbursement of your child support payment to your debit card. Contact the Massachusetts Department of Revenue Child Support Enforcements automated Voice Response System (VRS) at to find out if a payment was received by DOR (customers living in Chelsea, Charlestown, Everett, East Boston or Revere call ).

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