Solutrean migration theory into the americas

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11 Comments. Solutrean Theory. The Solutrean Theory proposes that the migration into the North America was from the continent of Europe 17, 000 to 21, 000 years ago. This theory hypothesizes that this migration was accomplished by travel using primitive boating alongOne of the proposed preColumbus migration routes into North America is not from Asia, but from Northern Spain and France, a people known as the Solutreans. The main proponents of this idea are Dennis Stanford and Bruce Bradley. solutrean migration theory into the americas

A controversial new archaeological theory says the continents earliest humans may have come from Europe, not Asia. The Solutreans were paleoIndians. The Solutrean migration, Stanford and Bradley argue, was just one of many migrations that peopled the new land, many of which undoubtedly originated in Asia.

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People came from Asia to North America during the last Ice Age (100, , 000 Year Ago) when sea levels were lower and Siberia and Alaska were connected. Coastal Migration Theory People from Asia used boats to live and migrate along chains of North Pacific islands and the shore to reach the Americas.

'Ice Bridge Theory Professor Stanford said these mysterious Stone Age Europeans were known as the Solutreans and they occupied Spain, Portugal and southern France more than 20, 000 years ago. They paddled along an ice cap jutting into the North Atlantic and

The Solutrean Hypothesis Meets Mainstream Science: A False Response to a Real Problem vs. A Real Response to a False Problem. Once a proponent of an illsupported beachcomber migration out of Africa, Oppenheimer has now reemerged as an advocate for a major transAtlantic migration from Europe to North America.

Rejecting the Solutrean hypothesis: the first peoples in the Americas were not from Europe. From this starting point, Bradley and Stanford propose a hyperdiffusionist scenario in which a group of Solutreans migrated across the Atlantic Ocean to North America via an ice bridge approximately 20, 000 years before present (YBP).

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The North Atlantic IceEdge Corridor Hypothesis of American Population. This idea has its roots in the 19thcentury when archaeologists such as CC Abbott postulated that the Americas had been colonized by Paleolithic Europeans. After the Radiocarbon Revolution, however, this idea fell into disuse, only to be revived in the late 1990s by archaeologists Bruce Bradley and Dennis Stanford.

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