Cashing a cashier's check at bank of america

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Can you walk into Bank of America and cash a Cashier Check? I sold some audio gear and the guy paid with a Cashier Check from Bank of America. I was thinking of just going over and trying to cash it, this might help tell me if it is fake!Although funds for both money orders and cashiers checks are guaranteed, a cashiers check is issued by a bank while a money order is not. Money orders have a maximum limit while cashiers checks dont allowing consumers to transfer larger amounts of funds. Usually, a cashing a cashier's check at bank of america

If you are not a member then many banks will refuse to cash the check at all, unless the cashier's check is drawn on on that brand of bank. So if the cashier's check is issued by, say, Chase Bank, Chase banks will usually be willing to cash out the entire check

Cashing a cashier's check at bank of america free

Feb 11, 2010 Best Answer: Yes, they should, provided you show proof of your identity. A bank is obligated to cash a cashier's check that they issued.

BofAs Cashiers Check Fee. Bank of America offers cashiers checks to all customers with a checking or savings account for a 10 fee. If you have a Bank of America Interest Checking account, however, youll get cashiers checks for free. Bank of Americas cashiers check

Can I cash a check at a financial center if I dont have a Bank of America account? Some check types can be cashed if you dont have an account (theres a fee associated with this service), but the transaction must be performed at a fullservice financial center and not a driveup location.

A cashiers check, also known as an official check, is a guaranteed draft for the amount of the check from the issuing bank. In other words, the bank has already been paid by the person or business who purchased the cashiers check.

Bank of America branches also occasionally impose limits on checks cashed by nonmembers. We have more details about cashing a large check at Bank of America below. Cashing a Large Check at Bank of America. If youre a Bank of America account holder, cashing a check no matter the amount is free.

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What makes Bank of America cashiers check for a verification? What is the story behind it? How can I check a cashier's check with the Bank of America if it is not fake? Related Questions. How can you cash a check on Bank of America? How is Bank of America check cashing policy? Can you cash a certfied cashiers bank check at walmart?

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