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Horses, Chariots, Highways, and Trade The Book of Mormon mentions horses and chariots. Anthropologist state that North American horses went extinct around BC. Horse bones dating to 7000 BC were found later. To know exactly when each horse, elephant, and cow went extinct has to be an unsure science.Many Book of Mormon critics, have said horses didn't arrive in America till about 500 years ago, around the time of Hernando Cortez. This post dispels that myth by using recognized sources of authority. horses in north america book of mormon

Book of MormonAnimalsHorses Book of Mormon Animals. Table of Contents. Horses in the Book of Mormon for example, that the Norsemen probably introduced horses, cows, sheep, goats, and pigs into the Eastern North America in the eleventh century A. D. , [Horses in the Book of Mormon Horses in the Book of Mormon,

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Nov 12, 2010 The Book of Mormon is allegedly about a lost tribe of Israel that made it to North America and lived with the Indians here. In Alma there is a reference to horses, however there were no horses in the Americas before Columbus got here in 1492.

The Book of Mormon speaks of horses used by Book of Mormon peoples, and yet there is no proof of such a thing. In fact, horses went extinct in the Americas thousands of years before they show up in the Book of Mormon.

Re: Horses in America Not to mention the text of the Book of Mormon would have used it in the wars. Calvary would have been a huge advantage. Captain Moroni made every other medieval war advancement in a period of 20 years

The Book of Mormon describes migrations of people from the Middle East to Central America, and further describes some features of their civilizations in the New World. If the Book is accurate, archaeologists would expect to find numerous pieces of hard evidence in Central America that confirm the presence of these societies: metal objects; writing in Hebrew and Egyptian, remains of oldworld

Why Are Horses Mentioned in the Book of Mormon? The Book of Mormon horse never fulfills the functions we expect of a horse. Daniel Johnson has collected and summarized the evidence for horses in ancient America. His data analyzes the anomalous dating of horse bones, art works, and the variety and distribution of horses in

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The abundance and widespread distribution of horses in North America make the apparent disappearance of the group in this region prior to the advent of the white man an added and an unusual feature of their long and eventful career. [Milton R. Hunter and Thomas Stuart Ferguson, Ancient America and The Book of Mormon, pp.

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