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: The North and the South Seek Compromise. Throughout the first half of the nineteenth century, the Northern and Southern regions of the United States struggled to find a mutually acceptable solution to the slavery issue. Unfortunately, little common ground could be found. The cottonoriented economy of the American South continued to rest on the shoulders of its slaves, even asthe mid 1800s the north was so upset and the south was upset and tthey felt veery sorry and they did not like it and It is very diagreement ande very crazy thing. they disagree about there was so north and south america 1800s

Nov 12, 2009  Slave rebellions did occur within the systemnotably ones led by Gabriel Prosser in Richmond in 1800 and by The South would The story of North American

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Events leading to conflict between North and South, Timeline created by meleis96. In Uncategorized. Jul 10, 1804. The MexicanAmerican War U. S. History: 1800 1850. History of Education in the Philippines.

Differences in the Northern& Southern States in the 1800s Differences between the North and the South were readily apparent well before the American Revolution. Economic, social and political structures differed significantly between the two regions, and these disparities only widened in the 1800s.

South America vs. North America. Audrey Hepburn March 4, 2013 Mr. Miller AP U. S. History South vs. North FRQ: In spite of sharing a country, the Northern and Southern areas of America had many differences and distinctions, which ended up dividing the nation. During the first part of the 1800's the North and the South grew in different

America Grows in the 1800s. In the 1800s, America grew very fast. In 1803, the United States bought the Louisiana Territory from France. From 1800 to 1860, there were. 17 new states. In the 1800s, millions of immigrants. came from other countries. The country had two main parts the North and the South. They had different cultures.

In the north, class sytems were there, but much less apparent than in the south. In the north, the lowest in the sytem were slaves obviously, but also poor immigrants. They were considered filthy, poor, and not American quality because of their ethnicities. In the middle, people start to get judged by their wealth.

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1850s America Growing Tensions Between the North and the South This storyboard compares and contrasts the daily lives of citizens of both the North and the South. Economies begin to take different shapes, sentiments towards slavery grows increasingly different and ideas of progress have different meanings between the two regions.

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