Smartphone penetration in south america

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The following list of countries by smartphone penetration was measured by Google 's Our Mobile Planet in 2013. 1 United Arab Emirates 73. 8 2 South Korea 73. 0 3 Saudi Arabia 72. 8 4 Singapore 71. 7 6 Australia 64. 6 8 Hong Kong 62. 8 9 United Kingdom 62. 2 10 Denmark 59. 0 11 Ireland 57. 0 12 Israel 56. 6 13 Canada 56. 4 14 UnitedA smartphone user is defined as anyone using a smartphone at least once a month. The smartphone penetration in each country is also listed. These numbers come from our annual Global Mobile Market Report and are based on a model which takes into account a countrys economic progression, demography, online population, and inequality. smartphone penetration in south america

Latin America will be home to 155. 9 million smartphone users in 2015, a 22. 2 yearoveryear improvement, eMarketer estimates. This figure will reach 245. 6 million by 2019, the end of our forecast period. While Latin America is formed by more than 40 countries, the bulk of its smartphone user base is concentrated in six of them.

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Feb 17, 2015  Latin America is the fastestgrowing smartphone market in the world, according to a new report trumping the likes of China and North America, as users ditch older phones for 3G

Countries By Smartphone Ownership. South Korea. South Korea has the highest instance of smartphone ownership in the world. Reportedly, 88 of its population owns a smartphone. Additionally, 100 of individuals between 18 and 34 years of age have smartphones, which contrasts with 83 of those over the age of 35.

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Colombia Joins Top Three Smartphone Markets in Latin America There will be 14. 4 million smartphone users in the country in 2014 We estimate that already in 2013, the smartphone gap between the South American nations was a sizeable 2. 9 million; this expanded to almost 4 million in 2014, with Argentina reaching only 10. 8 million users

Mobile Internet Users in Latin America to Grow by 50 Per Cent by 2020, Finds New GSMA Study. Mobile subscriber penetration is forecast to increase from 65 per cent of the regions population in 2015 to 78 per cent by 2020. However, the picture varies widely by country, with penetration currently as low as 28 per cent in Cuba, but above 90 per cent in markets such as Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

Smartphone penetration rate in Latin America is set to follow a similar trend to be among those to see the most rapid growth in the coming years. By 2019, half of the mobile phone users are projected to be smartphone users in Latin America, up from one third in 2014.

Africa 2017: Smartphone penetration, Open Data and less online freedom. Posted by Vincent Matinde. Governments, especially South Africa, Rwanda and Kenya, are enhancing WiFi coverage to their citizens as more citizen services move online. Good news for Latin America? Lewis Page gets down to business across global tech 20 RedHot, Pre

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South America Internet usage, population and Facebook reports.

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