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Dehumidifier Corporation of America is the premier source for dehumidification systems. With a commitment to constant improvement, our expert engineers work with the latest cutting edge technology to create tailored dehumidification solutions for every project.DCA vertical dehumidifiers are suited to installations where floor space is at a premium or when DCA dehumidifiers are selected to replace a competitors vertical air flow unit. Vertical dehumidifiers feature standard left side return or optional right side return with either top or side discharge to accommodate existing duct systems. dehumidification systems of america

Dehumidifier Corporation of America provides complete indoor air quality control to include both room heating, air cooling, pool water heating assist and air filtration.

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Another option for reducing humidity in the home is to add additional dehumidification controls to the HVAC system that will operate the cooling system at a slower fan speed when in dehumidification

Dehumidification Systems Dehumidification systems can be integrated into heating and cooling systems through the use of special humidity sensing thermostats and variable speed furnaces. Often, there is a need for a greater level of dehumidification in the winter (i. e. in moisture ridden basements) when the integrated system will not be running

Dehumidifier Corporation of America, Cedarburg, WI. 146 likes 4 were here. Manufacturer of dehumidification systems for Swimming Pools,

The DryGenic dehumidification system simultaneously offers both significant energy savings over traditional dehumidification technology and removal of up to 97 of the bacteria from the air stream. Large systems that dehumidify air for commercial and industrial buildings most commonly use a desiccant wheel system.

Dehumidifier Corporation of America, Inc. dehumidification systems are used throughout the world to control moisture and humidity in hotels, fitness centers, warehouses, libraries, computer rooms and more! Call us at for more information about our available dehumidifiers for sale. Free Analysis. Replacement Pool Dehumidifier Search.

Overview. Founded in 1995, Dehumidifier Corporation of America (DCA) is a US Corporation that is totally dedicated to the field of Dehumidification. This is a very specialized field best served by companies whose primary mission is that of solving every conceivable dehumidification challenge.

Dehumidifier Corporation of America, Inc. manufactures dehumidifiers for indoor swimming pools, commercialindustrial dehumidification, makeup air, water treatment facilities and custom applications.

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However there are Many, Many Factors that go Into the Proper Selection of a Successful Pool Room Dehumidification System That are not Always Obvious. The Selection of the dehumidification System Model Provided with this configurator must be used as a Guide and Not Necessarily the Final Selection.

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