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Above is a photograph of a ship, the SS American Star, which was wrecked in a storm off the coast of Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands, in January 1994. When I started investigating the history of this ship, I uncovered an absolutely amazing story. The American Star had a nearly 60year career.The wreck of the American Star, Fuerte ventura, Canary Islands, Spain. The SS America was an ocean liner built in 1940 for the United States Lines. She carried many names in the 54 years between her construction and her 1994 wrecking, as she served as the SS America (carrying this name three different times during her career), the USS West Point, o ss america star

Passenger liner SS America, renamed SS American Star, was shipwrecked in 1994 after running aground and sinking off Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands.

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SS America (1939) She was finally wrecked as the SS American Star at Playa de Garcey on Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands on 18 January 1994. The wreck remains there to this day but has now broken up and collapsed into the sea. Only a small section of the bow remains visible during low tide.

I, too, was on the SS America in 1955I think it was Aprilon our return from Bremerhaven, Germany to New York. It was a magnificent ship and one that holds many memories for

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Aug 24, 2016 How the Waves Destroyed the SS American Star. Updated on June 10, 2018. Jason Ponic. more. In 1964, the Chandris Cruise Line purchased the twentyyearold SS America to close this market gap. Renamed SS Australis and refitted to hold 2, 200 passengers, the ship made her first voyage in 1965 from Piraeus to New Zealand. For the next fourteen

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